Empowering E-Commerce Businesses

Businesses are rapidly growing be it the small businesses like startups or huge brands or companies. The competition in the market has become intense and to stay competitive in this saturated market, even the businesses that are bricks only need to shift to e-commerce as well.It would help the startups and other small scale businesses in establishing their brand image while on the other hand the large brands and companies, if become bricks and clicks companies, would get a better response from its customers as they would have a reliable and convenient forum to buy their products or avail their services. This leads to more sales and hence higher profits of the company. If the businesses perform better, it would contribute to the better economy of the country. In this current economic condition, businesses need to be empowered so that they could contribute to the better economy of the country.

DukanLay is working towards the empowerment of business so that not just large scale business but also small scale business and startups could transform into e-commerce business which would result in better performance of these businesses. We are offering a 75% discount on our e-commerce services so that you can kick start your business with the help of these services at very affordable prices. We are offering four e-commerce services at discounted prices which would contribute to them in excelling in their market. DukanLay is offering e-commerce services at a discounted price which includes online store, social media management, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Mobile App.

Online Store

Businesses need an online platform to showcase their products and services to establish Brand Awareness in the customers. Also, it would help the businesses in getting more engagement with the customers which would lead to developing trust in the customers towards the brand. DukanLay provides an online store to its clients at an affordable price which would help them in establishing their Brand Image in the market and it would grab attention by their customers as it would be providing ease to the customers by giving them an opportunity to buy their products or avail their services conveniently. Businesses can avail such an opportunity at a discount of 75% which would lead to better performance of their business.

Mobile App

Mobile Applications hold a significant importance when it comes to establishing a Brand Loyalty. We offer this service at a discounted price as well. The world has become digital so having a mobile app leads to more sales because of the increase of accessibility that the app offers to the customers which leads to more reliability of customers towards the business hence leading to the success of business.


DukanLay offers the service of SEO at a discounted price which is one of the significant steps in establishing brand loyalty amongst the customers which leads to a better performing business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) contributes in achieving maximum organic reach. The process of SEO is dependent upon using keywords which would make it easier for the customers to search for the brand which leads to increasing the organic reach of the brand and is clearly an important step for a brand to take so it would establish a strong brand image that would lead to the customer loyalty and hence making it a successful business. DukanLay is giving an opportunity for the businesses to get the best e-commerce services at a discount of 75% which would make it extremely affordable for all the people who want to break into the e-commerce platform. All the four e-commerce services that we are offering hold a significant role in attaining success for the business and if attained would lead to well established brand image, more customer engagement, more sales and customer loyalty, ultimately resulting in a better performance of the company.

Social Media Management

DukanLay offers the service of Social Media Management to its clients which they can avail at a discounted price. Social Media Management contributes in getting more reach by posting regularly and frequently on the social media platforms.The world has become digitized which is why the number of social media users are increasing everyday. Social media management results in attaining more reach which creates a strong brand image amongst their target audience and would also lead to customer engagement.

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